Tinker Page 4

You are a traveling tinker, leading your pack mule through the forest. Branches criss-cross the path so much that you walk continuously in shade. Ferns and moss carpet the forest floor. The day is peaceful.

You are half a day from Bobeck village. You've traveled this route many times, to Frankfurt and back to Dresden again.

2) Take the left path to a meadow.
3) Take the right path to a creek.

You enjoy your lunch in a meadow full of clover and chamomile. You can hear songbirds. They rise from a tree nearby and wheel around the meadow.

You notice their shadows join on the grass almost in the shape of a man. The shadowy form steadies. It is a man. It appears to leap across the meadow as the birds fly about.

The birds circle you, closer and closer. The shadow man capers around you, drawing nearer on each round. You've never seen anything like this.

4) Throw bread to the birds.
5) Dance with the shadow.

You break apart the remainder of your bread and toss it up to the birds. Their shadows break apart into individual birds as they swoop for the bread crumbs.

You collect your mule among the usual confusion of birdsong. What a fine day it is, with the sun shining and the breeze blowing and the bees buzzing.

8) Leave a good luck charm behind you.
9) Pick some flowers before you go.